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for Divorce Settlement Modifications

A divorce decree modification is a legal action that alters a divorced couple’s rights and obligations towards each other and their children. A court-ordered divorce decree is a long-term, binding agreement with no termination date. It is often necessary to petition the court to amend a divorce decree to reflect life’s significant changes. Change is inevitable, and the original court orders after a divorce may become outdated. Child support orders, parenting plans, child custody orders, and alimony payments are all subject to modifications.
A divorced couple can submit a mutually agreed upon modification request to the court for approval. However, if a dispute arises and the couple cannot reach an agreement, either party can petition the court for an evidentiary hearing to modify an existing court order to align with their current circumstances. The Boudreau Law Firm can assist with petitioning the court for a modification, working diligently by your side to achieve your goals. Modifications with a resistive ex-spouse can be complicated; however, we are skillful and effective negotiators and litigators. We can demonstrate substantial or unforeseen circumstances to convey the importance of the change.
Grounds for Post-Judgment Modifications for a Divorced Couple:
  • Financial status changes, such as an increase or decrease in income
  • Financial hardship resulting from a long-term illness, disability, or large medical bills
  • Parental relocation that disrupts the parenting plan’s terms, including child support and sharing custody roles and responsibilities
  • Clear and convincing evidence that the child is not adequately supervised or cared for when under one of the parent’s care
  • Remarriage or cohabitation of either party as a solid basis for termination of alimony
  • Costs of health insurance, child care, or the number of overnights each of the parents have with a child
  • Cost of living increases based on the finances of a family’s reasonable needs
  • Death of a spouse/parent
It is essential to petition for a divorce decree modification if you cannot meet the terms and obligations of a court order. Failure to comply with court orders puts you at risk of being held in contempt of court. The person requesting the modification must provide substantial evidence and documentation to support the request. As experienced divorce attorneys, we can advise you on the best course of action if you cannot obey the terms of your divorce decree. We can best represent your interests in negotiations or a court hearing to resolve your issues.

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