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Boudreau Law Firm takes great pride in prioritizing our client’s needs. We understand the emotional and legal challenges that our clients face. Attorney Gayle Boudreau, has a unique combination of knowledge and experience in building rapport with clients, addressing their legal issues and developing strategies that lead to successful resolutions. Our office is located in Lake City, Florida, and we represent clients throughout the Third Judicial Circuit. Appointments can be scheduled with our office during regular office hours, Mondays through Thursdays from 9a.m. to 5p.m. To meet with an experienced family law attorney, contact Boudreau Law Firm at 386-961-8001.

Our Family Law Services

Boudreau Law Firm, formerly known as Sandow Law Firm, has handled family law issues for more than four decades in the state of Florida. We excel in providing legal guidance to our clients in the navigation of complex and sensitive domestic matters. Our goal is to establish a strong relationship with our clients and provide them with strong and effective representation for their problems. Family matters such as divorce, paternity actions, and child custody battles can be highly charged with emotional, as well as financial, issues. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention and effective solutions to help you and your loved ones overcome the legal conflicts you are facing.

For contested and uncontested dissolutions of marriage, our lawyers skillfully negotiate parenting plans, alimony, child support, the division of marital assets and debts, and any other family law issues that may arise. Many of our divorce cases are complex and require business evaluations, retirement account assessments, and pension divisions. An individual who has had multiple marriages can encounter many difficult financial concerns. For contested divorces that are unable to be resolved through mediation or negotiated agreements, we are always ready to represent our clients’ interests at a courtroom trial.

At Boudreau Law Firm, PLLC, we will navigate the court system for our clients who are being denied parental or custody rights. Our office has extensive experience in post-judgment modifications resulting from a substantial change in circumstances, such as relocation, or alimony and child support adjustments due to lifestyle changes. For ex-spouses that refuse to adhere to the terms of their divorce decree, we will represent our clients in the filing and court proceedings for contempt and enforcement issues. We also provide courtroom representation for allegations of domestic violence.